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Author. Professor.
Former Criminal Mastermind.


About Mike Savage

Mike is the author of A Prisoner’s Perspective. He served fifteen years, two months, and twenty-eight days in federal prison for international money laundering.

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A Prisoner's Perspective

A Prisoner’s Perspective: The Redemption of a Criminal Mastermind demonstrates that even through violence, separation, poverty, cancer, and death, God’s great self-sacrificial love still changes and restores those lost, even in the dark criminal underworld that had been Mike’s life.

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Learn more about life after prison, the writing process, and an anecdote or two.

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Want to talk to Mike about an interview or a speaking engagement? Have questions about his memoir? Contact him!

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The feds called me a criminal mastermind. But I didn't see it that way.

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Speaking engagements

Mike is available to speak and/or teach about the self-sacrificing love of God and how understanding it can help people in their relationship with the Father. He has preached and taught this message inside and outside of prison.

Let Mike's experience of having stood before a condemning judge and having been enveloped by the self-sacrificing love of God help you or your organization or church.

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