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The feds called me a criminal mastermind, but that’s not how I see it. If I were a criminal mastermind, I wouldn’t have been caught and I wouldn’t have been in prison for fifteen years. Friends often ask, “How were you able to stand fifteen years in a federal prison?” “All because of God and a woman named Cynthia.”


Federal authorities described Mike Savage as a criminal mastermind capable of bending people to his will. He was that and more. His criminal empire was the subject of a five-year federal investigation that culminated in his indictment on 101 criminal charges that ultimately put him in prison for fifteen years, two months, and twenty-eight days. From Mike’s perspective, he would lose everything in his life, including his beloved wife who had no idea Mike was a criminal. But God had other plans—for both of them. A Prisoner’s Perspective: The Redemption of a Criminal Mastermind chronicles how God, through the self-sacrificing love of Mike’s wife Cynthia, moved to save both of them and restore them as the husband and wife He wanted them to be.


Mike’s memoir demonstrates that even through violence, separation, poverty, cancer, and death, God’s great self-sacrificial love still changes and restores those lost, even in the dark criminal underworld that had been Mike’s life. It is an example of how God is still at work in this world and how He never gives up on His people.


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Click on the image to read a sample chapter