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So Now What?

I’ve had some people ask me what happens now that the book is out.

Well, I’ll do some podcasts, hopefully have some bloggers review the book to expose it to people who don’t know me, and I’ll wait on the Lord to see if he wants me to go speak at places. I’ve been mailing out autographed copies of the book but I had to wait for Amazon to get a shipment to me. They finally did that yesterday so I got most of them out today. Some folks asked that Cynthia sign it too and I forgot to tell her about that. She’ll find out tonight.

Not exactly an action-packed scenario but one every new author goes through…I guess.

And it's been raining...A LOT!

Frankly, it’s a little boring and I don’t do bored well.

Things have been pretty quiet around here. I keep plugging away at my dissertation for my Ph.D. in psychology. It’s a slow process too. I write something, the dissertation committee changes stuff, so I rewrite it. There’s a ten day turn around before I hear back from them. I still have to find a college willing to let me conduct my surveys for the project but there’s still time for all that.

I did start a new book. It’s a novel with a bit more humor in it than was in the memoir. Prison can be funny but not THAT funny. I’ve sent out the first three chapters to some people I trust to give me honest feedback. My real question is whether or not it’s stupid. So far one has said it’s not and to keep going. I was going to do that no matter but it’s good to get feedback early.

I guess this is the life of an author.

Needs more cowbell.

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