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Mike knows exactly what it's like to stand before a hostile judge, guilty of his crimes, and be condemned to a lengthy prison sentence. Condemned without hope of mercy, he was banished from his family and taken to places void of compassion or love—all because he deserved it.

He also knows what it's like to receive the undeserved self-sacrificing love of God the Father. It's an amazing and freeing feeling that changed Mike's life. It restored him and made him a redeemed child of God. After 15 years in prison, it also returned Mike home to his family who stayed with him the entire time he was in prison.

God did that.

Mike's passion, his purpose in this life, is to help people to get to know God as a loving and compassionate Father, so they don't have to go through the condemnation awaiting the unsaved.

It’s the Gospel, Stupid!” — Understanding exactly what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is and is not helps Christians overcome personal issues, puts things in a true perspective, and clarifies what to say to a lost person. It also helps when you wonder if you’re really saved. (Don’t be offended by the title. See below about being “offended.”)

“How to Determine God’s Will for Your Life” — Utilizing the Testimony of Two or Three Witnesses from Scripture gives a person clarity on what God’s will for an individual is and is not. Sometimes when God says no, He means it.

“Praying Like Jesus: God Is Not Santa” — Find out how to pray like the Lord. He had a conversation with the Father, not a list of stuff He wanted Him to do or things He wanted to get from Him.

“Teaching Like Jesus” — Find out how to teach like Jesus. Hint: Very little shouting involved.

“Child of God” — Imagine what it would mean if your dad was the Creator and Sustainer of all things.

“I’m Offended!” — Learn how to deal with offended people in the church and how to get unoffended by issues in the church.

“If God Is So Great, Why Am I So Miserable?” — Maybe you need a perspective adjustment.

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Mike is available to speak and/or teach about the self-sacrificing love of God and how understanding it can help people in their relationship with the Father. He has preached and taught this message inside and outside of prison.

Let Mike's experience of having stood before a condemning judge and having been enveloped by the self-sacrificing love of God help you or your organization or church.

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